Founded in 2002, the MI Innovation Alliance works to apply innovation and advancements in science and technology – as well as best practices in business, academia and government collaboration  to benefit Michigan and the Great Lakes states.  Working with a cross-state array of thought-leading partner organizations, and reaching across multiple MIT alumni bodies, the MI Innovation Alliance plans, coordinates and delivers programming on the leading edge.  Connecting established and emerging companies, technology seekers and innovation enablers, our goal is to bring big ideas and leaders together in new collaborations – for increased visibility, faster adoption and commercialization, and an innovation community to rival the East and West Coasts.
Current and past programs include: the (9th) Annual SAE International / MIT Alliance / NextEnergy Global Automotive & Mobility Innovation Challenge or GAMIC; the first Energy & The Economy Summit; the first Michigan Nanotechnology Forum; and the first Detroit Forum on Community Revitalization. Along with the New Enterprise Forum (NEF), the MI Innovation Alliance was a Founding Collaborator of Michigan’s oldest and largest technology entrepreneurship program – the Annual Collaboration for Entrepreneurship or ACE, now entering its 17th year.


9th Annual Global Automotive and Mobility Innovation Challenge


Give your Startup a Boost!

SAE International, MI Innovation Alliance and NextEnergy announce the 9th Annual Global Automotive & Mobility Innovation Challenge (GAMIC). GAMIC helps shortcut the arduous filtering process in large organizations to bring new innovations to the automotive and mobility industry.

Over 70 industry experts to help you commercialize your business and  make it grow!

Over $200,000 of cash and professional services to accelerate your startup!

Finalists from around the world present at SAE’s World Congress, April 4, 2017 in Detroit!

Opportunity for selection to meet early stage investors in June 2017!

Applications due by September 23, 2016

 for the Ontario, Canada, Detroit, Michigan or Silicon Valley Quarter Finals


9th Annual Global Automotive & Mobility Innovation Challenge  (GAMIC)

  • Quarter-Finals  –
Detroit (Register)  -  OESA, SAE, MMTC - Sterling Heights, Michigan - Oct. 25, Tuesday, 4PM to 8:30PM ET
Ontario (Register) -  University of Waterloo - SAE - Nov. 3, Thursday, 4PM to 8:30PM ET
Silicon Valley (Find out more), San Jose California - Mid-November PM PT
  • Semi-Finals – NextEnergy Detroit (Feb 23, 2017)
•   Challenge Finals at the SAE World Congress @ Cobo Hall, Detroit (April 4, 2017)

•   Winners Presenting to Automotive OEMs/Suppliers at SAE TechHub (April 6, 2016) 

 Program led by SAE International, MI Innovation Alliance, and NextEnergy

Sterne Kessler Goldstein Fox Attorneys Intellectual Property  ESG Automotive  Automation Alley  

Join us at the automotive industry’s top event, designed to shortcut the sometimes arduous filtering process inherent in large organizations, and bring new innovations faster to the mobility industry in a time of tremendous change.

At least four (4) winners of the challenge will receive more than $200,000 worth of business commercialization acceleration services.  These facilitated meetings with key decision-makers have helped fast-track the commercialization efforts of a number of our prior year participants.

In addition, GAMIC will offer at least $200,000 in cash and in-kind services for the best innovations in the following four (4) areas of advanced automotive technology:

Category 1:  Connected Vehicles 
1st place award: $50k value (minimum $1k cash, $50k in-kind business commercialization acceleration services)*
•  Vehicle Electrification: Technologies related to the greening and electrification of the vehicle, e.g. electric vehicle fuel cell technology, advanced power electronics, motors, smart grid vehicle energy efficiency technology, etc. 
•  V2X: Technologies that enable communications and transactions for V2X applications, e.g. vehicle to grid, vehicle to building, vehicle to home, vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to infrastructure.

Category 2:  Advanced Materials / Sensors / Manufacturing Processes
1st place award: $50k value (minimum $1k cash, $50k in-kind business commercialization acceleration services) *

•  Advanced Materials / Sensors / Manufacturing Processes: Material technologies that can provide efficiency, performance, cost, mass, and/or environmental benefits to the vehicle, e.g. light-weight materials, eco-friendly materials, materials with phase changing characteristics, advanced sensors, advanced automation techniques, additive manufacturing and joining of dissimilar materials, etc.

Category 3: New Automotive Consumer / Business Opportunities 
1st place award : $50k value (minimum $1k cash, $50k in-kind business commercialization acceleration services)*
• Infotainment: Technologies including vehicle HMI, voice recognition, in-vehicle advertising, cloud services, integration of personal devices, etc. 
Auto Consumer/Value Add: Innovations that address unmet consumer needs or solve technological challenges to enable autonomous driving, safety features, etc. 
Value Chain/Business Model: Alternatives to the traditional automotive business model, opportunities to leverage technology, and assets to capture up- or down- stream profit improvement opportunities.

Category 4: Automotive Innovation – Open Category 
1st place award: $50k value (minimum $1k cash, $50k in-kind business commercialization acceleration services)*
New High Value, Disruptive Technology Innovations: Big New Research, New Inventions, or Innovations from Other Industries that have  potential big impact  on automotive OEM’s, suppliers, and/or mobile consumers.
              * Winners supported globally with expectation based on market traction to setup operations in Michigan (HQ, Sales, R&D, or Branch Office) and past winners have found this very worthwhile.  Winners get access to Detroit/Troy office sharing space and incubation resources to increase your global foot print and get closer to potential key customers and partners.

Qualifying Entry Guidelines 
• Entries should be innovations based on automotive content (hardware or software on the vehicle), vehicle design process aids (better or faster), or vehicle production enablers. 
• Target innovations are limited to driver-driven, land-based vehicles, as well as vehicle/infrastructure communications. 
• Applicants can be pre-revenue or have cumulative sales up to $250,000  (Student and University Teams are welcomed).

Click HERE to view the complete Challenge description from 2 years ago, 7th Annual GAMIC and HERE for last year, 8th Annual GAMIC.

Registration is OPEN for 2017 9th Annual Global Automotive & Mobility Innovation Challenge (GAMIC) in the fall on-line with simple 1-3 commercial plan PDF & PowerPoint/PDF innovator story; to apply, click HERE.

2015’s Winners – RightThereWare, Advanced Battery Concept, SiNode Systems, Detroit Materials

2014’s Winners – Covaron Advanced Materials and ParkNav Mobile App

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